8 Inspiring Ideas for Your Dream Coastal Bathroom

Craving the serenity of the coast? The sound of the waves, the taste of salt in the air and the feeling of diving into crystal-clear water on a summer’s day…

Such visuals make you dream of bringing that energy into your home — and what better place but the bathroom? From serene colour palettes to nautical accents, we have eight ideas to help you capture the much sought-after coastal bathroom aesthetic.

1. Coastal colours

Who doesn’t love the colours of the sea? It might even be why you're looking for coastal bathroom inspiration. Infuse your bathroom with sea, sand and sky hues. Think soft blues, sandy beiges and crisp whites to create a colour palette that reflects the Aussie shoreline.


2. Neutral fixtures

When choosing your fixtures, consider coastal colouring. Tapware in warm brushed nickel or brushed brass hints to the warm tones of sandy shores. Choose these or similar colours for your hardware and bathroom accessories to brighten the space and diffuse light.

3. Beach-inspired tiles

Coastal-themed tiles are an easy way to bridge the gap between land and sea. Look for tiles that inspire memories of sunny days at the beach. You may find that gloss, terrazzo or travertine tiles quench your thirst for the coast.


4. Open shelving

Good ventilation is key to a coastal feel. Opt for open shelving to maximise space and airflow, creating a light and breezy atmosphere reminiscent of the seaside. The best part about open shelving is that you can display towels, woven baskets and decorative elements for a laid-back feel.


5. Coastal fragrances

The beach has the distinct scent of salt and sunscreen that brings back memories of days at the beach. Bring in a sense of summertime nostalgia with a wood sage and sea salt candle, or an ocean-breeze scented diffuser. Give your senses a delight with a modern coastal bathroom that will subtly nod to the coast without the need for seashells and starfish.


6. Wood accents

Wood accents are a simple way to nod to weathered seaside cottages and add warmth to your coastal bathroom. Look for mirrors, vanities and bathroom accessories in light timber, driftwood-like tones to ground your space.


7. Breezy textiles

Perfect the coastal look in your bathroom with finishing touches like light and airy textiles. Linen, cotton and bamboo fabrics are your go-to for a relaxed coastal feel. While whites and blues are classic beach colours, don't be afraid to add a splash of earthiness and sunshine! Rich greens and yellows can bring much-needed warmth to your bathroom.


8. Natural touches

Breathe life into your bathroom with pops of greenery to add a touch of nature’s beauty. Suspend trailing plants from macrame hangers or ferns on open shelves. Timber accessories, such as a catchall or teak stool, also add organic warmth. 

Ready to reno?

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