8 Best Plants For Bathroom Living

Our bathrooms are a place to relax and reset, so it only makes sense to attempt to create the most comfortable and inviting environment possible. What better way to create a spa-like bathroom environment than by bringing luscious greenery into your space? There’s something undeniably calming about fresh greenery, especially in contrast to a fresh, white bathroom.

While a jungle of indoor plants sounds like just what the doctor ordered in theory, there are a few considerations before going on a plant-buying spree. First of all, the bathroom is a unique environment for plants, and not every variety will thrive in the damp space. Choosing the wrong plants can lead to wilting leaves, mould growth, and feeling like a bad plant parent (we’ve all been there). 

But don’t worry—you don’t need to be a green thumb to deck your bathroom out with luscious leaves. We have done the research, so you don’t have to and have compiled a list for you of the very best plants for bathroom environments. Not only do the right plants add a touch of natural beauty, but they can also help purify the air and create a calming atmosphere. So, pull out your shopping list or get your screenshot fingers ready. We have sourced eight of the best plants for the bathroom.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, officially Sansevieria trifasciata, is ideal for bathrooms with lower natural light. It has a reputation for being low-maintenance, making it the perfect choice for those new to the responsibilities of caring for plants. 

The hardy snake plant thrives in humid environments, making it a match made in heaven for the bathroom. Its thin, upright leaves make it a great addition to small spaces. Finally, snake plants also help to purify the air - that’s a win-win.

Spider Plant

Okay, we promise we aren’t just listing Australian critters and adding plants to the end. Quite unlike an actual spider, the spider plant has a very cute and fluffy appearance, with long, slender leaves. Spider plants are a classic choice for bathrooms. 

Again, they can’t get enough humidity, and they can tolerate lower light conditions. They are also great air purifiers, helping to remove toxins from the air. 

Peace Lily 

Now, here’s a plant with a less scary name. Peace lilies, or the Spathiphyllum, are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, with glossy green leaves and simple white flowers. A Peace Lily can tolerate low to medium light conditions and thrives in humidity, making it a great fit for low-lit bathrooms. Peace Lilies are also known for being amazing air purifiers, helping to keep your environment fresh and toxin-free.

Note: If you have pets that are likely to put their noses where they shouldn’t be, this might not be the best choice, as peace lilies can be toxic if ingested.

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is a bathroom classic. Again, it thrives in humidity and can tolerate lower lighting conditions. The Boston Fern is often displayed in a hanging basket, adding a stylish touch to otherwise bare corners. 

To keep your fern looking and feeling its best it’s recommended to mist it regularly and place it in a spot with bright, indirect light. 


Pothos, also referred to as devil’s ivy, is another easy-to-care-for plant that tends to thrive in the bathroom. This gorgeous trailing plant can tolerate a wide range of light conditions, meaning it’s a good fit for any empty space in your bathroom. 

Pothos comes in various colours and patterns, from green to yellow and even white. Like the Boston Fern, the Pothos can be homed in a hanging basket.

Aloe Vera

It wouldn’t be a list of the best plants for bathrooms without this guy. Every Aussie who’s ever spent a little bit too much time in the sun has likely heard of the aloe vera plant. The aloe vera plant is not only a wonderful bathroom plant but also has practical benefits. The gel inside its leaves can be used to soothe minor burns and skin irritations, making it a great addition to your bathroom collection of lotions and potions. Aloe Vera plants prefer bright, indirect light and can tolerate the humidity of the bathroom.

Pro tip: It’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings to avoid root rot.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a great option for bathrooms with low to medium light. These plants come in various patterns and colours, from classic deep green to silver and red variations. Chinese evergreens help purify the air and can tolerate neglect, making them a great choice for busy or forgetful plant parents.


Is there any plant more zen than bamboo? We don’t think so. Bamboo is a fast-growing low-maintenance plant that’s ideal for the bathroom environment. It can handle a wide range of light environments and tends to thrive in the humidity of the bathroom environment. Again, bamboo has air-purifying properties that remove toxins from the air. To create a true spa moment behind your bathroom door, place a few bamboo stalks in a decorative vase.

Bringing plants into your bathroom is a simple, affordable, and incredibly effective way to add a little relaxation to your everyday life. A luscious green plant not only adds an eye-catching visual appeal to your space but also helps purify the air. Whatever your bathroom style, with our varied list of plants for bathrooms, there is bound to be a variety that suits your space. 

Whether this is your first time venturing into the land of bathroom plants, or you have been burnt by past experiences of having plants that didn’t exactly thrive in the bathroom environment, we hope that this guide has given you the information you need to make your next plant purchase one that lasts into the future. 

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The Author: Layla Sawyer

Layla is a creative at heart, with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and being the Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Coordinator here at Yabby she has a passion for staying up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Known for going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and being a sucker for a good mood board to kick off any project.

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