Trade Application

Why are quality taps so expensive? Short Answer: they don't have to be

Renovating a bathroom can be tricky – so to do it properly, you want to build with quality products to create a quality product. The problem is, people have to choose between cheap, poor quality taps and overpriced ‘premium’ brands. But what if you aren’t interested in overpaying OR mediocre products? Enter Yabby, online tapware direct from the manufacturer to the customer without a middleman mark-up. The premium product without the premium price.

Design that will stand the test of time.

Each of our product styles is a result of months of design development. Good design doesn’t always mean the reinvention of the wheel, but rather a refinement of what has come before it. The goal is to strike the perfect balance between function and aesthetics without compromising one for the other. The result is tapware that is ‘premium’ in design and function at a fraction of the price.

A story born out of frustration.

There doesn’t need to be such a huge gap between cheap taps and premium taps. Our goal is to make sure that Yabby lives in the middle of the ‘Dream Tapware’ Venn diagram – the intersection of quality, design and price. We might be relatively new to the tap scene when compared to some of the other guys but if you ask us, that’s an advantage. Welcome to the new way to shop tapware.

Why Yabby? Name a cuter, water loving, Aussie crustacean than a yabby, we’ll wait.