Embracing the Black Tapware Bathroom Style

Unlike trends that come and go, black tapware in bathrooms will always be timeless — but its appeal goes beyond aesthetics. Black tapware brings together style and practicality, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms. Discover how a seemingly simple change can transform your bathroom into a space you’re proud of, and stick around for some stunning black tapware bathroom inspiration. 

Why chose black tapware?

The beauty of black tapware lies in its versatility. It can be a focal point, drawing the eye and making a statement, or grounding force, highlighting other features in your bathroom. 

Black tapware transcends trends, adapting seamlessly to any bathroom style. Not only that — it’s a low-maintenance choice! Its dark surface hides water spots and fingerprints, making it a dream for busy households.

Pairing black tapware with different decor styles

As mentioned, black tapware works with almost any decor choice. With dozens of style directions you could go, the answer lies in exploring the possibilities! Let's get into how black tapware works with popular decor styles.


Black is a natural fit for modern bathrooms. It goes well with neutral colours, slick countertops, simple cabinetry and large tiles. Black tapware perfectly complements this aesthetic, pulling together an effortless space. Looking for ideas? Our Matte Black Wall Spout + Progressive Wall Mixer pairing is a minimalist’s dream — it’s sleek and less bulky than other taps.


Don't underestimate the power of black to elevate a mid-century bathroom. In a space defined by clean lines, teak wood and subway tiles, curved black tapware like the Matte Black Round Kitchen Mixer adds a nice touch. There's no rule that says kitchen taps can't be used in the bathroom!


When we think of farmhouse decor, distressed timber, panelled walls and natural accessories come to mind. But modern farmhouse challenges this — it uses black to add an edge to your otherwise rustic space. The combination of Matte Black Wall Spout + Cross Taps strikes a good balance between bold and familiar for your farmhouse bathroom renovation.


Exposed brick walls, black and concrete accessories and pendant lighting are the hallmarks of gritty industrial bathrooms — so it’s only natural that black bathroom tapware works in this decor style. With this style, feel free to lean into the black — we’re talking everything from black shower taps to handles and hinges.

How to pair black with other colours

Black never goes out of style, and your bathroom is no exception. While black is incredibly versatile, we’ll share some inspiration to help you create a balanced look.

  • Black and white: This classic combination is a safe bet. Black tapware against white countertops and cabinetry creates a timeless look.
  • Monochromatic: Lean into a dark bathroom with an all-black aesthetic. Together, black walls, cabinetry, accessories and tapware create a sophisticated feel. Choose matte finishes where possible for visual interest.
  • Colour: Black tapware is neutral enough for any bathroom colour scheme. Depending on your bathroom colour scheme, you can use black tapware to achieve a modern look or create a bold contrast.

Black tapware inspiration

Warm minimalist

Who said minimalist styling had to be cold? This bathroom uses neutral colours and curved lines to create a warm and inviting ambience. The pops of black using our Matte Black Bath Spout + Wall Mixer combo add a nice contrast to the space without stealing the show. 

Light and airy

Black tapware doesn’t have to mean dark and gloomy — it can actually elevate your bathroom's bright and airy vibe. In this bathroom, sunlight bounces off the white freestanding tub, while the Matte Black Freestanding Bath Spout adds an interesting edge without weighing down the space. 

Modern classic

Traditional doesn't have to be boring. In a bathroom featuring floor-to-ceiling marble tiles, lean into the power of black tapware. These tandem Matte Black Combination Showers and Wall Mixers effortlessly meld contemporary style and classic beauty.

Yabby: Your home for black tapware

At Yabby, we offer a range of black tapware that can work in any bathroom. Whether you're looking for a simple spout to match your minimalist style or a whole set for your dark and moody makeover, we have just what you need.

Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect black tapware for your space. We understand the importance of choosing the right tapware, and we're just as invested in your vision as you are. 

Browse our collections online to find your perfect match. Want to see it in person first? Order a sample disc or visit the TileCloud showroom.