The Ultimate Laundry-Bathroom Guide: Creating A Functional Space

Multi-functional spaces are becoming more popular, offering smart solutions for small homes and apartments. If you're designing a cosy space where you’re mindful of every square meter, a laundry-bathroom combo might be the perfect solution. 

But where to begin? We’re here to guide you through creating a combined laundry bathroom and give you inspiration to create a beautiful and efficient space.

How to design a laundry-bathroom combo

Finding the balance between form and function can be tricky, but we have some things for you to consider when designing your dream laundry bathroom combo.

Storage solutions

Well-thought-out storage is key to keeping things looking tidy. Built-in cabinetry with pull-out hampers for dirty laundry will keep clothing from ending up on the floor. 

Up above, open shelving with wicker baskets is an excellent place for towels and cleaning supplies — keeping these essentials out of sight and out of mind. Hooks are a great way to store everyday items like towels. Matching robe and bath hooks are one way to keep aesthetics front of mind.

Washer-dryer options

Planning a combined bathroom laundry means being more mindful of space. There are two ways to go about it — stacked or side-by-side. Here’s a rundown of your options: 

  • Stacked: Embrace verticality with a stacked layout. Stacking your washer and dryer will free up precious floor space without compromising utility.
  • Side-by-side: A side-by-side layout keeps things simple. It might take up more room, but it frees up room above for storage.

  • Floors and walls

    Waterproofing is key in a combined bathroom laundry. Tiles are an obvious choice — offering water resistance and easy maintenance. Coordinate your tiled floors with your walls, or choose a high-quality waterproof paint to protect walls and ceilings from moisture and mould. Investing in these materials ensures a stylish and functional space that withstands daily wear and tear.


    Look for space-saving fixtures to reduce visual clutter in small laundry-bathroom combos. Streamlining fixtures has two key benefits — maintaining a consistent aesthetic and freeing up room.

    Think sleek, wall-mounted taps and towel bars. Consider a combination showerhead for added functionality — you can wash your dog, fill a bucket or shower in the same space!


    Lighting is key to creating a space that works hard and feels luxurious in your laundry-bathroom combo. Layering your lighting is the secret to achieving this. 

    Recessed spotlights above the washer and dryer and strategically placed sconces near the sink and vanity will ensure enough light for chores and beauty routines. But don’t forget the power of ambience! If you’re a fan of a bubble bath, you could add a bathroom lamp to the mix.


    Ventilation is paramount in a combined shower-laundry. Between the washer running and your long, steamy showers, there’s the risk of excess moisture if not properly handled. 

    The solution? Well-placed drains and exhaust fans. They ensure a healthy environment free from mould, keeping you and your clothes fresh.

    Functionality sorted? On to the fun stuff

    Now that you've got the functional part down, it's time to design a laundry-bathroom combo that reflects your personal style.

    We've created a mini mood board to ignite your imagination.

    Sunny days

    Create a sense of scale in your laundry-bathroom combo with a light and airy colour palette. In this shower, whites, golds and greys create the illusion of spaciousness. 

    See how the hardware ties in? The brushed brass accent adds sophistication and warmth to make the space feel polished.

    Creative lighting

    Lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing a laundry bathroom, but it can do more than you think.

    Drawing inspiration from the space above, ambient light options can make your room feel warmer. We love how the LED mirror makes this vanity feel luxurious and inviting.

    Pops of green

    Greenery can work wonders in your laundry-bathroom combo, adding life and vibrancy to your space. This isn't just about aesthetics — plants purify the air, which is especially good in a room that deals with moisture.

    This doesn’t mean you need to overload the room with plants! As seen here, even a small addition can create a connection between the indoors and outdoors.


    Ready to go?

    With some planning, inspiration and the tips above, you can transform your combined space into a functional and stylish haven. 

    By utilising smart storage solutions and incorporating design elements you love, your laundry-bathroom combo can be both a chore-busting dream and a beautiful extension of your home.

    Explore the Yabby range for further inspiration, and get to work bringing these ideas solutions to life with your laundry bathroom!