Floor Waste

Details matter when it comes to designing your dream bathroom — but some features work better when they’re integrated as subtly as possible. At Yabby, we’ve created floor waste solutions that don’t stand out — because the point is for them to work their magic in silence. Trust us, though — the parts that you can see are fabulous.

Seamless design to make your life flow

With some elements of your bathroom, subtlety is key — and we’ve taken this firmly into consideration when designing our floor waste solutions. Our shower drain grates have been crafted to sit in the tile, creating a flawless finish that seamlessly blends into the floor. From the top, all you see is a perfect brass square — this neat, tidy and versatile design has been deliberately chosen as it works well with virtually every aesthetic. 

Colour your world

Considering how wide and diverse the world of tiles is, it makes sense to have floor waste options in different finishes. At Yabby, we’ve curated a selection of shower drain grates in hues such as Chrome, Brushed Brass, Warm Brushed Nickel, Antique Brass, Gunmetal and Matte Black. The aim is to offer finishes that can be matched to the existing colour palette of your floor tiles for that seamless blend.