Kitchen Essentials Checklist For Your Modern Farmhouse Style Home

Transform your kitchen and get the modern farmhouse style with our checklist, covering everything from dinnerware to essential styling accessories. 

We have a soft spot for modern farmhouse style; the distinct, laid-back, yet refined details create unmatched vibes in a wide array of spaces. The best part is a farmhouse look works way out in the sticks, or slap bang in the inner-city. From the townhouse to the homestead, modern farmhouse kitchens can make your home feel warm and inviting, whatever its location.

If you are planning and building your home, looking at renovation options for your current space, or just manifesting your dream kitchen, we have created a kitchen essentials checklist to complete your home in classic modern farmhouse style.

Antique brass fixtures

The classic modern farmhouse style is not complete without Antique Brass fixtures and fittings. Antique brass material has a warm, rich brown glow that effortlessly matches the laid-back farmhouse look. If you want to contrast against modern cabinetry, antique brass is a great way to call back to a more traditional look. 

At Yabby, we love curating Antique Brass fixtures that have well and truly earned their place on our kitchen essentials checklist. 

Modern farmhouse-style dinnerware set

True country-style meals deserve the perfect dinnerware to enjoy them in all of their glory. Luckily for us, Robert Gordon does not let us down with this rustic-styled dinnerware set.

This blue-toned dinnerware set is ideal for adding a classic farmhouse touch to every meal. If a subtle pop of colour isn’t for you, Robert Gordon also offers neutral designs for a more classic country look.

A modern farmhouse-style sink

The classic farmhouse sink is undoubtedly the centrepiece of a farmhouse kitchen. This Early Settler classic white farmhouse sink is the blank canvas your kitchen needs for a future of floristry, country-style cooking and if Pinterest has anything to say about it… bathing baby ducklings?! 

Don’t forget — to complete the modern farmhouse style, pair your new sink with Yabby’s Antique Brass tapware

Rustic farmhouse tiling

If you are still knee-deep in the new build process, we have good news for you—we have found the perfect farmhouse-style tile collection for your dream kitchen! No farmhouse kitchen essentials checklist is complete without rustic farmhouse tiles to elevate your home's rustic style. 

Over on the Tile Cloud Rustic Farmhouse collection page, you will find everything you are searching for, from terracotta tiles to stone-look designs, there’s something for every modern farmhouse.

Linen tableware 

We couldn’t look past the dreamy collection of linen available at Cultiver when compiling our farmhouse kitchen essentials checklist. With an array of shades to match any colour palette, this linen collection is designed for the everyday. 

Whether you are looking to stick to a neutral theme, or mix and match with joyful shades, this linen collection is sure to add a special touch to your dining experience. 

Country-esque glassware

Pottery Barn strikes again with its hammered glassware collection, effortlessly nailing the laid-back country aesthetic. This handmade collection features warbled detailing and organic lines, highlighting the farmhouse appeal. 

For extra styling points, store your glassware collection on an open-shelving storage solution, adding to the rustic, minimalist appeal.

Industrial-style lighting details

This old-timey black metal cage light from The Society Inc. is the perfect farmhouse kitchen addition. Sometimes, less is more, which is certainly the case for modern farmhouse style. This stripped-back metal feature light really nails the minimalist look. 

Brass mug rack

The Society Inc. has done it again, bringing dreamy farmhouse kitchen ideas from your Pinterest board to real life with this multi-functional brass rack. While this rack can be used for basically anything, from utensils to jewellery to towels or loofahs, we recommend using it to display your favourite coffee mugs, showcasing your personality in the heart of your home. 

That’s a wrap on our farmhouse kitchen essentials checklist; however, the inspiration doesn’t have to end here! Check out our Instagram for extra farmhouse inspiration and to keep up with our latest products and projects. 

The Author: Layla Sawyer

Layla is a creative at heart, with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and being the Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Coordinator here at Yabby she has a passion for staying up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Known for going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and being a sucker for a good mood board to kick off any project.

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